Okydokee is one of the most exciting and dynamic Amazon and ecommerce retailers to drive growth of retail products and optimize brands to their fullest in the U.S. Using leading edge software and Ecommerce experts, we track and analyze tons of data each day, 24/7, to drive growth of retail products and optimize brands to their fullest. Our business model focuses on offering strategic partnership solutions to ensure mutual successYour success is our inspiration.


Once we purchase a product, it becomes our responsibility. No returns – simple as that. We pay for your products and make the risk factor disappear.


You’ve made the perfect product, now let us promote your vision to ensure it reaches it’s greatest potential and as many consumers it can.


It is our mission to make every interaction with an eshopper meaningful. We focus on reshaping the marketplace by only provide the best service and shopping experience to your customer, no matter what


Okydokee’s setting the trend in ecommerce. Offering a proven state of the art market-proven service to maximize your products growth and drive your brand’s visibility. From protecting MAP policy to providing costumer support – we handle the confusing ecommerce process from start to finish.

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    Improve Listing Visibility

    Pioneering the latest listing optimization techniques we always stay ahead of the competition.

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    Targeted FB Ads

    As our partners we put together an advertising and marketing department just for you. To focus on broadening your brands reach far beyond Amazon. Using highly-targeted Facebook Ads we are able to boost revenue and take your brand to the next level.

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    Customer Follow Up

    As more sellers use email for product review requests, we make sure our’s convert by providing additional brand value. Using intelligent software we monitor and test data to assure higher open rates and positive customer engagement.

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    Optimize PPC

    With a dedicated team in place we developed a strategy to run highly optimized advertising campaigns. These techniques have been proven to be effective in reaching millions of specifically targeted customers.

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    Professional Photos

    Our professional team of photographers will create stunning product and lifestyle images in our professional studio. These images may be used across digital and social media displaying your brand quickly increasing consumer confidence.

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    Landing Pages

    We are all about growing together. With the use of landing pages we encourage brand trust and engage customers while collecting beneficial data to expand and enhance the brand.

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    Advanced AB Testing

    The the new age of ecommerce, trends and technology are constantly changing. To stay in the lead we use strategically planned techniques to maximize brand potential even further improving visibility and results.

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    Directly Branded Websites

    As a full service agency we help develop professional user friendly niche websites to tell your brand’s story, build loyalty and grow their customer base of digital shoppers.

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    3D Product Design

    In some cases images are better recreated digitally. Our team of leading design innovators offer amazing quality 3D rendered images that look more realistic than the original product. We are able to use these images most effectively when demonstrating products.

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    Facebook Community

    We always want your to be connected, so we collaborated with trusted new age influencers of the industry so you always stay ahead of the competition. As our strategic partner we are committed to pass along this valuable wealth of information to you.

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    Professional Videos

    Our creative department utilizes custom videos to help tell your brands story or display the products features. A professional video is one of the most proven methods for expanding your brands opportunities.

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    MAP Reinforcement

    Setting up a strategic partnership with OkyDokee means we will ensure your brand is always in a better position. By providing an organized enforcement of Minimum Advertised Pricing regulations we will actively fortify and protect your brand.


As a company of dedicated individuals, anything we do is made with pure passion. We look at hurdles, blocks, and obstacles as an opportunities to generate a better version of us. Our Okydokee team is made of true experts in marketing, ecommerce and new media, only to make sure your products are in good hands, no matter what. Meet the leaders:

Jacob Gutman

Ecommerce Professional

About Jacob

Helped more than 2000 students transform their ideas into growing physical product brands through his online business school mentoring course.

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Amir Aylon

Advertising Expert

About Amir

Over 40 years of branding, design, sales and production work. Specializing in the world of online sales and helping companies promote their products.

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Ian Aylon

Internet Entrepreneur

About Ian

An expert in social media and new media campaign management, website design and web development including web content, web client and server scripting.

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